Much Needed Vacation Day One...

Our South Padre Island vacation was so much fun! Here's a breakdown of Day One.

Sunday: Arrived around 11am after a 13 hour drive (it was supposed to be an 11-12 hour drive, but somehow an extra hour got added when Alberto took over and I tried to take a nap. Men!). We stopped in Port Isabel to tour the lighthouse before heading to the hotel. We also stopped to buy our Pirate Ship tickets for Monday night and to see this Jesus statue Alberto just HAD to see. Luckily, the hotel had a room ready for us 3 hours earlier than they should have. Once we got everything situated in our room we headed to the beach. We didn't bring any chairs or an umbrella with the plan on renting them. Of course, there was no one around (apparently you are supposed to call them and they set it up for you first thing in the morning). So, what did we do? We put our stuff around some chairs and an umbrella that were empty and decided to sit there until we got caught. They belonged to some condos on the beach where people live and rent the beach space. We did eventually get caught (only because some jerk and his wanna be uppity wife told on us), but Alberto almost got us to keep the spot by offering the guy who worked for the condos $20 in Spanish. It was pretty hilarious that they guy actually thought about it, but said he had to say no for his job's sake. At least he was really cool about it. I think it kind of made Mr. and Mrs. Uppity a little mad to see Alberto laughing and joking with the guy. In your face!!! LMAO! After playing at the beach for a few hours we decided to get something to eat and take some pics at the sign when you first come into Padre. Although we were pretty pooped we still wanted to take Roxy down to the beach and let her walk around a while. My poor little girl hates to be in the car, so she was happy to be able to stretch her legs and experience the sand and water. I think she loved it just as much as we did. It is so nice to be at the beach at night with the breeze blowing and hearing the waves crashing in. I wish I could stay there forever.


Let Freedom Ring...

Happy 4th of July! Our town is having a huge carnival with rides, food, artsy vendors, and live bands starting at noon today. At about 9:45 the fireworks will start. We are excited to have something like this so close to us. I hate driving to another town and then it taking hours to get back home in all the traffic. My mom was supposed to come up from TX, but she got really sick yesterday (stinks). I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!!